Excerpts from the Essays

The Stars and the Sands: The Photographs of Stephen Strom

Gregory McNamee

In the images that make up this volume, you will find a poetry of the earth's interior processes - what the poet Joy Harjo, in an earlier collaboration with Strom, called "secrets from the center of the world." I do not mean, strictly speaking, the interior processes of magma and fire, although such things are certainly present here. I mean, rather, processes of patterning - for if nature abhors a vacuum, it loves a well-formed pattern - and of transformation.

Beyond the Pale

Albert Stewart

Strom evolves an extraordinary sense of place through compositional devices that combine depth of pure observation with multiple levels of association. His approach produces a symbolic discourse, saturated with the multifaceted features of nature and the nuance of never-ending discoveries. The photographs serve both to exquisitely replicate nature and to construct visual experiences that depict various stages of change.